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3form Takes HA+D Awards

Few new companies have had as much impact on the interiors scene in the past decade as 3form, a manufacturer of sustainable building materials and architectural hardware solutions. Recently, the company was awarded HA+D’s (Hospitality Architecture+Design) Readers’ Choice Award for its Nature Gallery product and the Green Plus Award for PaperCut, both in the Surface Materials category.

2012/2012.0430.3F.NatureGallery.jpgNature Gallery

Over a decade ago, ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) leaders noted the marked penchant of individuals for scenes of the natural environment. During recent years, we have seen an increasing emphasis on the benefit and desirability of natural views from the interior, together with a division at Yale University dedicated to biophilia (the innate human affinity to nature) in the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. (See Biophilic Design: The Theory, Science and Practice of Bringing Buildings to Life, by Judith Heerwagen, Stephen R. Kellert, Martin Mador (John Wiley & Sons 2008.)) 3Form’s Nature Gallery follows in that direction, bringing glimpses of nature indoors in a modern and scalable manner. Nature Gallery uses a photographic interlayer collection by 3form, transforming high-resolution, detailed imagery into large-scale pieces.


PaperCut is a recently introduced interlayer option to 3form’s Varia Ecoresin line made with slices of 3form product catalogs. Varia Ecoresin panels are made of 40% recycled content and encapsulate translucent color, organic materials, sheer textiles and embossed textures. Applications include translucent walls, dividers, sliding doors, and more. “PaperCut helps us achieve our Path to Zero goal of total sustainability,” said Jill Canales, Senior VP of Marketing and Design.

The HA+D Awards are a readers’ choice award solely dedicated to the hospitality industry. The award also recognizes green projects that are outstanding examples of environmental awareness and sensitivity in their design, construction, fit-out, and operation. Judges for these awards included representatives of environment councils, national architecture institutes, interior design associations, and other professionals. Judges considered each category and choose their top 10 products according to established criteria. A shortlist of finalists was then posted online for voting. Readers were asked to vote on the best in each category and the winner was that project or product with the most votes.

“We would like to thank the publishers of HA+D and the esteemed panel of judges for these high honors,” said Ma. Canales

For more information, please visit www.3-form.com or call 800. 726.0126. Follow 3form on Facebook, Twitter, and the 3form Translucent blog.

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