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A Busy News Week in the Industry

9.7.15 | This past week, officeinsight came across many notable news items from across the industry. Officeinsight Publisher Bob Beck shares his perspective on announcements about changes to NeoCon 2016 at the Merchandise Mart, the upcoming NeoCon East in Philadelphia, and news of recent legal action between prominent furniture manufacturers.

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The Brits are Coming (Back): UK Office Market on Track for Record Numbers

8.3.15 | There’s a new sense of confidence in the British office furniture industry. The dramatic aftereffects of the 2008 financial crisis when the market fell from $1.26bn in 2007 to $924m in 2011 seem like ancient history, as recent reports indicate that demand is right back on track and 2015 industry sales should reach $1.49bn. Officeinsight correspondent John Sacks provides an update on the good times ahead for the UK office furniture market, the reasons behind it, and how this optimism is expressing itself in new products.

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Thoughts on the Latest Numbers from Herman Miller

3.23.15 | Last Wednesday Herman Miller announced its latest quarterly results, and on Thursday, CEO Brian Walker and his executive team hosted a webcast to discuss the company’s results with investors and interested stakeholders. Officeinsight Publisher Bob Beck explores what this quarterly report says about Herman Miller and its strategy and direction, and given its leadership position in the American office furniture manufacturing industry, what it says about the state of the industry.

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How’re We Doin’?

2.23.15 | The results of the public companies in the industry are in for the quarter and have been reported through a variety of means. Unless you’re a financial analyst or in a position to see the reports as they come across our increasingly cluttered screens, it’s hard to get a read on how we’re doing as an industry. Officeinsight Publisher Bob Beck provides an overview of those disparate results in one place for those in the industry busy concentrating on their own businesses.

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2014 Year in Review

1.12.15 | As we kick off a new year at officeinsight, we take a look back at what all transpired throughout 2014. As it turns out, that’s a lot! Progressive concepts such as evidence based design and active design have become much more mainstream, and the idea of providing office workers with choices among workspace types is gaining momentum. Contract furniture companies also spearheaded a trend of expansion into the education, healthcare, and residential/consumer markets.

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LMNOP Workshop: “What is My Worth? (Compensation and Negotiations)

8.11.14 | Attaining a compensation package commensurate to an individual’s worth within our industry is crucial, both to that individual and to the industry’s perceived worth as a whole. However, negotiating compensation is often difficult to maneuver, particularly for people who are just joining the workforce or others who have had a long tenure at one company. Officeinsight contributor Jeanette Rodriguez reviews the July 15 accredited IDCEC “What Is My Worth?” workshop, sponsored by a collaboration between Leadership Mentoring Networking Opportunities for the A+D Profession (LMNOP) and IIDA NY, at the Henricksen Showroom in New York City.

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GenslerCalc ver. 2

5.26.14 | For all of the talk – and intuitive common sense – about the work environment and how employee satisfaction might relate to productivity, nothing convinces like numbers, without which we must generally deal with personal preferences about work conditions. The next move forward requires new tools, and in addition to the Gensler Workplace Surveys, Sven Govaars, a Regional Consulting Leader at Gensler Houston, has developed the Gensler Calculator, now in Version 2, which converts improvements in various areas to organizational financial measures.

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A Look at the Education Workplace

1.20.14 | The United States is in the midst of a critical examination of its education system spurred by poor standardized test results and dramatic shifts in the educational requirements of today’s workplace. Are some of the drivers of change the same as those driving change in the workplace? How is this self-examination process impacting the firms of our industry?

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A Random Walk: Profitability

10.28.13 | Trends in the workplace furnishings sometimes remind us of what happens when a simple factoid is circulated. It starts our as a wisp of an insight, turns into a fact, then a rumor, then full-fledged fiction. But as things go, things tend to repeat themselves and sometimes it seems that we are pretty much back to where we were a century ago. Who knows, the cubical may not be dead yet.

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Is a Succession Crisis Brewing in Design Firms?

8.19.13 | Deborah Rutherford’s research has identified that there is a potential crisis in the next five to ten years in the design industry, especially as current design firms managers begin to retire. Not enough designers are moving up the ranks to take on these management positions. Many firms have flattened their structures to save money, and designers are being lost to the industry due to a poor economy and lack of jobs.

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