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The Global Vision of Saul Feldberg

5.29.06 | Founded in 1966, the Global Group of Companies is a well-know mid-market manufacturer of contract furniture, and one of the largest manufacturers and marketers of office and institutional furniture in the world, producing seating, desking, wood casegoods and metal filing and storage, all of which sell through a broad network of dealers in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East.

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Strategy: Business and Design

5.29.06 | What will be the relationship between design and business in the twenty-first century? More than 250 people from Steelcase, IDEO, Motorola, Hewlett-Packard, and other prominent companies explored this question at the Illinois Institute of Technology’s (IIT) second annual Strategy conference. Held at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago from May 17-18, 2006, the conference was emceed by Patrick Whitney, director of the Institute of Design and Steelcase/Robert C. Pew Professor of Design at IIT.

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Here's the Real DIRTT

5.8.06 | Say what you want about Mogens Smed – and many do – he is a font of innovative thinking about the workplace. But there is more than a hyperactive right brain operating there. Mr. Smed is unusually effective in translating his prescient ideas into the practical and concrete: In less than one year he and his colleagues – notably Geoff Gosling, Product Design leader, and Barrie Loberg, Software Development leader – have created what appears to be the most advanced furniture rendering and specification software. This software is used to support what one prominent West-Coast designer calls the new, third generation of movable walls. And all of that is just the beginning. In this short time, Mr. Smed has also put in place the infrastructure to specify, create, manufacture, sell, distribute and install his new products, and has already won an impressive number of important projects.

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The Nurturing Side of Steelcase

5.8.06 | Nurture! What a great name. Just think. If Steelcase’s new healthcare-environment initiative, Nurture, is successful, the Steelcase name will forever be linked, presumably in a positive way, to one of the great forces in shaping human behavior and wellness. If this doesn’t signal that the venture is off to an auspicious beginning, then the appointment of Michael I. Love as its first CEO surely does. Mr. Love is one of Steelcase’s best regarded leaders. From 2000 until the creation of Nurture, Mr. Love was president and CEO of the Steelcase Design Partnership (SDP), whose profitability during the great industry downturn was one of the few bright lights in the Steelcase financial performance arena.

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Interview with Teknion's Steve Silver

5.1.06 | The late ’90s were exhilarating times in the office industry, following the economy generally and, in particular, the first round of the dot.com frenzy. Possibilities seemed endless, and in some respects they were. The office industry experienced exuberant growth, with each new financial reporting cycle exciting observers with reports of 20-30% increases, and sometimes more, which often seemed much more important than the corresponding profitability ratios.

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Office Resources, Inc.

5.1.06 | I recently met with Kevin Barbary and Paul Fraser, the co-founders and principals of Boston-based Office Resources, Inc. (ORI), which is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year.

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Mr. Haworth Goes to Washington

5.1.06 | Haworth, Inc. continues to move forward with all deliberate speed to prove beyond any doubt that its heart and mind are squarely fixed on good design. There was a time when Haworth, originally a plain-vanilla panel maker, moved into the design arena but, despite some fairly persuasive experiments, it was not taken that seriously.

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A Random Walk: Are Design Fees Too Low? The Value Proposition

2.20.06 | Until the recent upspring in design work, the most frequent subject circulating in various design symposia was, “Design fees are too low.”

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20-20 Technologies: End-to-End Integration of the Industry’s Business Processes

2.20.06 | 20-20 Technologies held its Third Annual Executive Summit and Manufacturers’ Forum in Scottsdale, AZ, at the end of January.

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GHK Merges with NELSON

2.13.06 | GHK, a prominent Chicago interior design and workplace strategy firm, is to become the Chicago operation of NELSON.

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