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IIDA is Cool

6.20.11 | The formal focus of the evening was the annual IIDA design awards: the 19th Annual Will Ching Design Award and the 38th Annual Interior Design Competition. SPARC – San Francisco Patient and Resource Center in San Francisco, CA, designed by Sand Studios in San Francisco, CA was the Will Ching award winner, which honors outstanding commercial design by firms of five or fewer individuals. SPARC, it appears, is a purveyor of medicinal marijuana, no laughing matter for those who need it, such as those undergoing the wretched experience of chemotherapy. TonyChi and Associates won the coveted Best of Competition for its project, Andaz 5th Avenue Hotel, New York, NY.

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KI Design - Part 2

6.10.11 | In addition to the good news about KI’s increased emphasis on product design and customized products (check out this video), here are some of its product introductions, along with textiles of Pallas Textiles, KI’s textile division.

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Tandus: Powerbond & Designing with Sero

6.10.11 | Powerbond was developed over 40 years ago, but this hybrid resilient by Tandus Flooring is as new and novel as anything we’ve seen in flooring. Its unique capabilities – and I use this adjective in its original sense – seem to give rise to ever increasing design possibilities. The latest is the Sero approach, introduced in 2008, and not enhanced at NeoCon 2011.

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Izzy+ Celebrates 10 Years at NeoCon 2011

6.10.11 | Yes, izzy+ (originally, izzydesign) is celebrating 10 years and 10 NeoCons, with growth that includes the acquisition of the Jami companies and an alliance with Norway’s . “But more than anything,” said founder Chuck Saylor, “we’re grateful to be moving into our second decade with stability and strength, and a consistent vision that keeps us focused on tomorrow’s opportunities, and anticipating the needs and trends of the future.

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Haworth Heads For NeoCon

6.10.11 | After participating at ICFF and forming an alliance with Crate & Barrel, Haworth is heading for NeoCon 2011 introducing Reside and Beside, along with the Belong accessories, which round out what Haworth calls its Integrated Palette. Put those names along side Compose, Enclose, Patterns and Planes, and if your head is spinning, stop by Haworth’s Showroom #312 in the Merchandise Mart to put it all together.

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Herman Miller: NeoCon 2011

6.6.11 | Herman Miller’s doing much more for NeoCon 2011 than anyone can possibly digest. Some of it’s more of the same old really great stuff: Compass for Healthcare, the Canvas Office Landscape (a roll-up and extension of the successful Vivos and Intent offerings), and more of the classics. There will also be the new alliances with Luxo from Norway and Magis from Italy.

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NeoCon 2011 Overview: Events and Education

6.6.11 | With IIDA and ASID fully participating at the NeoCon WTF in Chicago, we can – almost – declare this the U.S. Interiors Event of the Year. All we need is to get the IFMA folks to join in; well, O.K. AIA Interiors Committee can come too.) Traditionally, and to this day, NeoCon WTF is the New-Product New Year for the U.S. contract furniture industry. This year, the 43rd annual NeoCon WTF has a full calendar of continuing education opportunities as well as special events for networking and unwinding. Here are some of our NeoCon 2011 highlights

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Teknion, Applied Brilliance & The Pursuit of Happiness

5.22.11 | There is no creativity without intellectual stimulation. Teknion recognizes this necessary element and continues its leadership in bringing to the A&D community the kind of inspiration needed, continuing its series supporting Applied Brilliance with The Future of Happiness.

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For NeoCon 2011 Gunlocke Introduces CIJI

5.22.11 | Gunlocke readies for NeoCon 2011 and the new wave of prosperity by taking the modular lounge concept to a much farther shore: “From classic to contemporary; reception to lobby to collaboration area to private office, this new lounge collection puts the finishing touches on most any workplace environment.”

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Brigholme Interiors Group Celebrates 50th in Retro Style

5.22.11 | Brigholme Interiors Group, a Toronto Haworth dealership, celebrated its 50th anniversary with a “Mad Mixer” set in retro style, a gala at The Royal Conservatory of Music to reaffirm that it is a young, forward-thinking, progressive Brigholme, poised and committed to take its business to the next level.

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