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The Heart of The Matter

8.4.08 | A cool breeze on a hot day in Manhattan is enough to generate a passing moment of gratitude in even the most jaded New Yorker. That was the refreshing welcome that greeted me as I passed through the elegant doors of the A&D Building on East 58th Street.

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Applied Brilliance Announces Line-Up of World Class Speakers

7.28.08 | When I received the recent press information on the 2008 Applied Brilliance Conference, I immediately thought of the Knoll Cranbrook series led by Carl Magnusson in the late 1990s. These presented an array of outstanding individuals, practices and ideas ranging from teenage composers to students of genetic algorithms to noted architects and designers. This, to me, was the stimulant equivalent that others find in disco lights, outlandish customs and hairdos and thumping, screeching sounds.

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First LOOK – 08

7.21.08 | The weather was in the reasonable 80s for the 4th annual First LOOK event at the New York Design Center, not like last year when the heavy morning rain was followed by an exploded steam pipe nearly in front of 200 Lexington Ave., or the year before when temperatures reach a scalding (for NYC) 107 degrees. So, we left the green, heavily wooded areas of Connecticut and, well, Queens, to venture into Manhattan to get our own first looks.

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26th Annual Brenda Faist Associates Battle of the Design Stars

7.21.08 | Over 900 local architects and interior designers hit Chicago's Oak Street beach for the 26th Annual Brenda Faist Associates Battle of the Design Stars beach volleyball tournament sponsored by Sedia Systems.

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LOTH Resource Center Ribbon Cutting July 9

7.14.08 | Jeff Brock is the general manger of the Columbus, OH, office of LOTH, a Cincinnati-based Steelcase dealership led by J.B. Buse, Chairman and CEO, and Rick Mader, president. Last week, Mr. Brock proudly opened LOTH'’s new Columbus Resource Center during a ribbon-cutting and open house at 855 Grandview Avenue, Grandview Heights, OH.

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What'’s hot at COOL? Everyone!

6.30.08 | The IIDA celebrated five outstanding projects at it's annual awards banquet, COOL. These projects were chosen for recognition out of over three hundred submissions, –and the firms represented in the top five really put the “international” in IIDA.

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A Random Walk: NeCon Xpress Cancelled

6.30.08 | Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc., creators, marketers and managers of the NeoCon shows, cancelled NeoCon Xpress 08, previously scheduled for October 2, 2008.

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Kimball Office Hosts Evening of Murder, Mystery and Mayhem

6.30.08 | Chuck Gould was toast, and he knew it. But brave man that he is, he marched forward. Mr. Gould is (was) the Kimball Office Regional Manager, New York/New Jersey. Last Thursday he was found murdered in Kimball Offices Park Avenue South showroom. Who done it?

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The Textiles Of NeoCon 08

6.23.08 | This year, with high fuel prices on everyone's mind, we asked companies where their products were made. We were surprised, and delighted, to discover that between 70% and 80% of all commercial textiles are manufactured in the USA. It turns out that there are many creative, facile mills scattered all over the country and they are doing a healthy business despite the fact that two major domestic mills went under last year.

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The Carpets Of NeoCon

6.23.08 | This year we decided to present carpet in a way similar to our textile review, with a survey piece giving our readers a broad overview. If we've left someone out, it is not intentional; just let us know and we will address the matter.

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