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Illinois Design Practitioner Act: A Townhall Meeting at the Merchandise Mart

2.9.15 | At the end of January at IIDA Headquarters in the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, four panelists addressed interior designers, architects and students in the field regarding the Illinois Design Practitioner Act, a practice act set to enter the Illinois state senate in 2015 and state house in 2016. The legislation seeks to support the legal recognition of interior designers who work in the code-impacted environment.

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ASID & IIDA Legislation Roundtable

7.11.11 | In a refreshing collaborative effort at NeoCon 2011, ASID and IIDA combined efforts, hosting a roundtable discussion on the legislation of interior design legislation. This timely and passionate legislative roundtable was led by Don Davis, ASID, and Allison Levy, and included voices from some of interior design legislation’s most noted opponents: AIA (American Institute of Architects) and NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath Association).

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Interior Design: Victorious in Florida

2.15.10 | For all of its frustrations and follies, at times the legal system manages to get something, if not right, at least better. Such is the case – getting it better – with a couple of Federal court decisions dealing with the subject of interior design legislation. The most recent case in the U.S. Federal Court for the Northern District of Florida was championed by the nemesis of interior design legislative advocates, the Institute for Justice, which, in this case, helped the profession get it . . . better. The result was a stunning victory for interior design and interior designers: The court upheld the Florida practice act.

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2009 Year in Review

01.18.10| It was neither the best of times nor the worst of times. While we in the U.S. continue, generally, our charmed lives, there were events and circumstances in the interiors industries to bemoan and many that brought joy and hope. The economy finally struck us with full force, and by the end of November, contract furniture orders were $620 million for the month, with estimated trailing 12-month orders at $7.77 billion, down 30.2% year-over-year. November shipments were $640 million, with trailing 12-month shipments estimated at $8.025 billion, a 28.9% year-over-year decrease -- "the worst drop we have on record," said Raymond James analyst Budd Bugatch. Still, every drastic shift brings the prospect of an inflection point, and we look forward to seeing what we have learn from 2009. Here are a few of the salient developments covered last year by officeinsight.

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ASID's New Legislation Policy

3.9.09 | In the ordinary course of behavior, not many are interested in legislation, although we have recently seen  and it has ever been the case that laws and regulations, or the lack thereof, can affect each of us quite significantly, e.g., U.S. banking regulation and the unexpected application of some provisions of the Florida interior design legislation to non-qualified designers, manufacturers, dealerships and related services.

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OFDA Conference '09

1.19.09 | Easing into the Big Easy, past the cemeteries with their looming monuments and mausoleums, the taxi finally pulled up to the Sheraton for the annual OFDA (Office Furniture Dealership Association) Conference. Our hats are off to the professional associations that have picked New Orleans for their events to support that city in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

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AIA Looks to Obama to Rebuild and Renew

1.19.09 | Everyone including the AIA knows times are tough. Its semi-annual Consensus Construction Forecast Report predicted an 11% decline in design and construction activity this year and, in response, the organization has developed the Rebuild and Renew Plan, a recommendation to President-elect Obama's administration and Congress regarding the allocation of funds in the administration's economic recovery plan.

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NY Interior Design Legislation

7.7.08 | IDLNY (Interior Designers for Legislation in NY) has for the 3rd consecutive time in the past few years succeeded in obtaining the unanimous approval of both houses of the NY State Legislature of a bill (Senate Bill S3659) that would restrict the use of the title of Interior Designer.

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A Random Walk: Interior Design Regulation

4.14.08 | Imagine you were a state legislator and some folks asked you to pass a law making it a crime to give advice about paint colors and throw pillows without a license. Well, that‘'s pretty hard to imagine, but it’s how Clark Neily, Esq., of the ironically named Institute for Justice, a libertarian organization, began his opinion piece in the April 1, 2008 Wall Street Journal.

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What Ever Happened?

4.21.08 | During NeoCon 07, an alarm was sounded for the interior design profession. The warning was loud and clear: a serious decline in the pool of interior design educators was and is putting our profession in jeopardy. We realized we need to do something fast to continue fostering future generations of interior designers with the ever increasingly complex skill set demanded by our clients. The original Call to Action Dialogue at NeoCon 07 to address the declining pool of interior design educators, sponsored by Kimball Office, was well attended by interior design educators and practitioners. It became clear that the problem has many challenging and disparate components.

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