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IDC’s David Hanson

3.14.11 | David Hanson was a shoo-in as first president of Interior Designers of Canada, the recently revamped advocacy group for Canada’s eight provincial design associations. By consolidating most functions in one head office, IDC will speak with a unified, strengthened voice for Canadian interior designers.

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Vancouver Joins IIDA/IDC Leaders Breakfast Tour

3.14.11 | Robert Ledingham received the 2011 Leadership Award of Excellence at Vancouver, BC’s first Leaders Breakfast event, hosted by Interior Design Institute of British Columbia (IDIBC), IDC and IIDA. Trevor Linden, NHL all star and Olympian, was the keynote speaker.

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An Historic Event: 
IFI Design Frontiers: The Interiors Entity (DFIE) Global Symposium

3.7.11 | Last week Jim Keane and Jeannie Bochette of Steelcase hosted Shashi Caan and her colleagues at International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers in a watershed event that will ultimately blow away a great deal of the fog that has veiled the true nature of interior design: The IFI Design Frontiers: The Interiors Entity (DFIE) Global Symposium culminated in the signing of the first IFI Interiors Declaration.

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IIDA’s Perspective Magazine Takes A Big Step

3.7.11 | IDA signaled a shift in Perspective, turning an important publishing hat-trick, by naming: Jan Lakin, Editor in Chief, Susan Merrell, Art Director, and John Rouse and Nielsen Custom Media, publisher.

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IIDC: Office Space on the Edge

3.7.11 | Illinois Interior Design Coalition and Whitney Architects coordinated this month’s Office Space on the Edge event, a tour of Valspar and Xchanging at O’Hare Plaza in Chicago. Office Space on the Edge is an event dedicated to the goal of sharing completed interior projects with industry partners (architects, designers, brokers, vendors, contractors and clients).

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2011 ASID Design Excellence Award Winners

2.21.11 | The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) announced the five recipients of the 2011 ASID Design Excellence Awards. The awards honor the achievements of individuals and companies in the field of interior design. This year’s winners come from a variety of backgrounds and represent the eclectic nature of the interior design industry.

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IFI Design Frontiers: The Interiors Entity (DFIE)

2.14.11 | A balanced view of interior design, representing a consensus of the international interior architecture/design communities is being sought by International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers. The magnificent and arduous effort by IFI leading to this consensus , Phase 2 of a five-phase project, is about to reach its denouement this couple of weeks.

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Healthy Building Network Wins ASID Foundation $100,000 Research Grant

1.31.11 | The Materials Research Collaborative, a two-year project of the Healthy Building Network (HBN) won an ASID Foundation (American Society of Interior Designers Foundation) $100,000 grant pursuant to Foundation’s support of endeavors that capture and disseminate knowledge, encourage innovation, and benefit the health safety, and welfare of the public through interior design research, scholarships and education.

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IIDA Sustainable Design Forum Quilt Auction

1.10.11 | The IIDA Sustainable Design Forum Quilt Auction. Now in its third year, the idea originated with industry veterans Abigail French and Daniel Tillman transporting a time-honored practice of communal collaboration and creativity that gained popularity in rural communities and bringing it to the big city; the added twist was to encourage interior designers to save fabric memo samples from the landfill and use them to create the beautiful images displayed on their quilts.

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2010 IIDA Color Invasion

11.01.10 | The sold out 2010 IIDA Color Invasion of last week was an event that, with each passing year, facilitates our business connections and friendships all the while redefining how networking is practiced in the New York design community. It also happens to be an essential part of the local design lifestyle.

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