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Project Focus: Southeast Financial Center - Jacobs Architecture

8.12.13 | Despite dramatic shifts in office space trends affecting office sizes, floor plans, and interior design, most commercial buildings are lagging behind in lobby designs. Jacobs Architecture and Knoll Furniture worked with Southeast Financial Center to create the lobby areas for tenants to use for semi-private meetings and video conferencing

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Interface Introduces Net Effect

7.1.13 | Interface is again leading the way in forging a new and more complete understanding of sustainability. Net Effects is the first fruit of Net-Works, a new alliance that is advancing Interface’s goal of closed-loop manufacturing by recycling nylon waste from fishing nets into new nylon carpet fiber. 22 communities in the Philippines are already participating, cleaning up the sea shores and providing local economic benefits.

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Coalesse & Arzu Present Michael Graves & Robert A.M. Stern

7.1.13 | Coalesse and Arzu presented a desultory conversation about design by Michael Graves and Robert A.M. Stern, moderated by Susan Szenasy, touching on trade crafts in architecture, contextualization and patient room design. Connie Duckworth described Arzu programs for Afghan women and Coalesse’s support of that program, which like the Interface Net-Works program, brings sustainability to people in impoverished areas connecting them through beautiful products for developed countries.

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Ring The Bell for Teknion Studio & Teknion Textiles

6.7.13 | Everything was changed when Charlie Bell was contacted by David Feldberg, Teknion President & CEO, to create Teknion Studio. What followed was a frenzied, fun year. Fortunately, Mr. Bell had the supportive entrepreneurial spirit of Teknion behind him, and he was able to recruit the skills of Matthew Agostinelli as Director of Product Development. Before long, Jeffrey Bernett and Nicholas Dodziuk of CDS studio were in the picture, and things were taking on a very promising shape. Before long, Mario Ruiz of Spain joined the fun and Teknion formed relationships with the very talented Suzanne Tick to create Teknion Textiles.

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Project Focus | Gensler Newport Beach

6.7.13 | I had high expectations walking into the Gensler’s Newport Beach office of, knowing the level of talent on the Gensler team. However, Gensler exceeded my expectations with the WOW factor upon entering the new space. Sandi Warneke greeted me and walked me through the space with its polished concrete floors and open, exposed white ceiling. The former bank space on the first floor was opened up, adding a staircase for a bit of Active Design.

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Project Focus | Infor/VOA

5.20.13 | Enterprise software company Infor reported that 98% of the potential customers they bring to their new headquarters in NYC eventually buy their software, which CEO Charles Phillips attributes much of that success to the office design, a collaborative effort with design firm VOA Associates Inc. The company wanted to make the new office space as open to innovation as possible.

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Birth of a Great Office Building

5.13.13 | It was only during the past century that office buildings appeared among our most celebrated works of architecture. Then it took a while before the work spaces inside were subject to comparable design consideration. Undoubtedly among our greatest landmarks of office building design – both exterior and interior – is New York's Seagram Building.

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Project Focus: Seeyond Architectural Solutions

5.13.13 | Avos, an internet company, was located in a sprawling, high-ceiling warehouse. With no visual or acoustic privacy, the space needed a sense of belonging and areas supporting interaction, and Avos needed it very quickly. Hsiao Lin Hu, Smith Group JJR, quickly grasped what was needed: flexibility, a mobile solution with the ability to rearrange the space when and as needed. He selected Seeyond Architectural Solutions.

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Project Focus | dTank: Dress Your Office for Success

5.6.13 | Most folks know Reto Eberle and dTank, the all-purpose custom shop that takes mill work to the next level; it makes anything you want, out of the materials you want, just the way you want, and no more. Here are some thoughts and examples of how the new age of office design can help organizations use their workplace to communicate who they are.

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Living Lab for Sustainability Opens in Rochester

4.15.13 | FXFOWLE’s design for RIT’s Sustainability Hall is a state-of-the-art “living laboratory” for sustainability research. The 84,000-sq.ft. facility is the new headquarters for RIT’s Golisano Institute for Sustainability, housing the GIS master’s degree and Ph.D. programs in sustainability and architecture. FXFOWLE’s main goal for this project was “to create a world-renowned institute that improves sustainable processes and is a beacon for innovation.”

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