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A Random Walk: Interior Design: Toward A New Definition - Part 6 – Why Design

2.7.11 | Interior design – and, in fact, all design for the built environment – is purposeful. In this regard, it many be helpful, for this discussion, to categorize the major aspects of architecture and design into two areas, technique and purpose. It appears that now the profession is ready to begin, and has begun, the shift of emphasis from technique to purpose.

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A Random Walk - Interior Design: Toward a New Definition - Part 5 Some thoughts on Aesthetics

10.11.10 | Can aesthetics be analyzed? From the ancients to the present time, people have looked at aesthetics and their effects, both from a philosophical and historical point of view, and as a proper subject of psychology, that is, the human response to aesthetic offerings.

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A Random Walk: Interior Design: Toward a New Definition - Part 4 - Planning and Communicating

| We must address issues that are at the heart of interior design, but are too often ignored. One fundamental fact is that interior design is not a choice: we can’t avoid interior design; but every one of us chooses the quality of interior design. If there is an interior, there is no such thing as “no interior design.”

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A Random Walk: Interior Design: Toward a New Definition - Part 3: Creating Our Environments

One of the most remarkable and distinctive capabilities of the human species is its ability to create its own environment in infinite variety. This is the great opportunity and challenge of interior design, and on a larger scale, urban design.

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A Random Walk: Interior Design: Toward a New Definition - Part 2- The Potential for Harm

9.6.10 | While we all consider interior design as a positive force in the world, it is also of sufficient force and effect that its misapplication may produce considerable harm. Moreover, by its very nature, the interior environment, by design, can be, and has been, used to intentionally produce significant injury. A definition of the field must encompass this.

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A Random Walk: Interior Design: Toward a New Definition

8.30.10 | In the public mind there is no understanding about what interior design is, not even confusion. So, at one end of the definitional spectrum we have the know-nothings. At the other end, we find the regulators and qualifiers, NCIDQ, the know-too-muchers or kitchen-sinkers.

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Architecture, Interior Design & Information Distribution - Part II

3.29.10 | In part I of this article, I suggested that interior design is bringing needed influences to the built environment to facilitate the age-old function of information flow. Branding and collaboration have become major themes. The growing scope and importance of branding was stressed by John Brinker, Gensler, as a panel participant on the Future of Design moderated by Cheryl Durst at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show in NYC. (See Future of Design this issue.)

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Architecture, Interior Design & Information Distribution

3.22.10 | One interpretation of Jane Jacobs’s seminal work, The Death and Life of Great American Cities (Vintage 1961), is that architecture has lost its way as an important tool of information distribution. Well, lost its way may not be the proper phrase. How about, stuck in the middle ages.

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Mogens Speaks

3.1.10 | Mr. Smed has the rare entrepreneurial combination of insight and predisposition to act. Fortunately, to this is added the ability to see things as a whole, and what amounts to almost a compulsion to do things better ( environmentally and for clients) and more efficiently. As a result, anyone with an open mind can find morsels of value and inspiration in his presentations.

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Interior Design: Victorious in Florida

2.15.10 | For all of its frustrations and follies, at times the legal system manages to get something, if not right, at least better. Such is the case – getting it better – with a couple of Federal court decisions dealing with the subject of interior design legislation. The most recent case in the U.S. Federal Court for the Northern District of Florida was championed by the nemesis of interior design legislative advocates, the Institute for Justice, which, in this case, helped the profession get it . . . better. The result was a stunning victory for interior design and interior designers: The court upheld the Florida practice act.

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