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New Star in San Diego

2.27.06 | Thomas Lehn has joined Carrier Johnson, a multi-discipline firm with four offices in California - San Diego, Costa Mesa, Sacramento and Oakland.

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Spotlight on Chicago: Whitney

2.27.06 | Whitney has worked with high-profile clients including Allstate, Nike, Wells Fargo, ABN/Amro, and AON; and about 25% of its work is outside Illinois.

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M-C 5394-01: thermoformable coated metal sheet

2.27.06 Pre-coated strip metals for die cutting, deep drawing and bending. Cold-rolled strip carbon steel, high-grade steel, spring steel, aluminium, brass or copper are coated with a PTFE or acrylic lacquer on one or both sides to a thickness of approximately 1 – 50 microns (depending

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