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ASID & IIDA Forge Working Relationship

3.19.12 | Designers design, that is find ways to achieve objectives, and ASID and IIDA have been collaborating – in a very meaningful way – to explore and develop common ground, particularly over the past year, rather than continuing to butt their head against the proverbial brick wall of a possible merger. That is, they are aggressively creating opportunities for the type of joint action that will promote the interior design profession and create the mutual trust necessary to create need break throughs.

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Rethinking Design and Interiors: Human Beings in the Built Environment

3.19.12 | In her recent book, designer/architect Shashi Caan has combined a history of interior design with a polemic on what interior design should become. Ms. Caan, the current president of the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers, argues that interior design of the future must be firmly based on research and a scientific understanding of the human mind and environmental aesthetics.

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Teknion in Atlantic Station

3.19.12 | Teknion Corporation opened its new 7,300-sq.-ft. showroom in Atlantic Station. Created by tvsdesign, Atlanta, and Vanderbyl Design, San Francisco, white pleated walls rise to the ceiling and strategically placed pleated screens create visual layers and define zones focusing on furniture vignettes. The new L-shaped site with soaring ceilings “succeeds both as a dynamic space and a neutral backdrop that maximizes the furniture’s impact,” said Maxine Mann, President of Teknion’s U.S. operations.

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IIDA-NY Pioneering Design: Todd Oldham Speaks on Alexander Girard

3.19.12 | The latest IIDA-NY Pioneering Design event featured designer Todd Oldham giving a history lesson in Modern design based on on his recently published comprehensive monograph on Alexander Girard. This reminded many of us that Modernism wasn’t just concerned with contextualizing natural elements for the human scale and being emotionally reserved, it was also about having fun with color, form and shape in everyday life.

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DIRTT For Healthcare

3.12.12 | With well conceived and products and projects, the whole acquires a life of its own. Architects and interior designers know well what this means and the result that occurs when a building, interior and exterior, is an integrated whole with all parts working to create a result that otherwise eludes projects. The term “interoperable” captures one such overriding characteristic, and it is becoming an important concept in interiors furnishings, especially in environments where change is frequent and often dramatic. In the case of walls from DIRTT Environmental Solutions, interoperable refers to their ability to interface and integrate with the miscellany of furnishings and technical equipment that constitute the varied and often task-specific healthcare environments.

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LMNOP’s A&D Mentoring and Workshop Programs

3.12.12 | LMNOP is a professional development group that was created to address the specific needs of the A&D community. Born out of the economic downturn in 2009, the organization now has the mission of connecting, supporting and advising its membership in a proactive and productive environment. LMNOP’s workshops, mentoring and networking activities seek to keep design professionals current and working in our community, hoping to decelerate the loss of talented and experienced industry professionals to other industries, especially during recessionary periods. In addition, its programs are designed to develop the business acumen and creative talents of those just entering the profession.

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Save A Sample! 2012 April 3-5

3.12.12 | Save A Sample!’s annual recycling event from April 3-5 is fast approaching. New this year, in addition to events in Boston, Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington DC, Save A Sample! has now expanded to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Wilsonart has signed on as Save A Sample! Gold National Sponsor and Formica as its Silver National Sponsor.

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Interior Design & Architecture Create New IIDEX/NeoCon Canada

3.4.12 | IIDEX/NeoCon Canada, Canada’s largest design expo and conference, is developing a personality and purpose that makes it distinctly different from any other design show in North America. It intends to explore and exploit what should exist, but is too often missing, in our built environment: the natural synergy between architecture and interior design. A press conference hosted by Interior Designers of Canada (IDC) and Architecture Canada-Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) indicates that, in Canada, architects don’t just respect interior designers, they’re courting them.

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New Territory for the Pritzker Prize

3.4.12 | This year, for the first time in its 34-year history, the Pritzker Prize is going to a Chinese architect. This award is not just a landmark for the design world's nearest equivalent to a Nobel, but it signals China's rising status in the world of design. The work of the 2012 recipient, Wang Shu, shows vividly that the architecture profession in China can now produce the kind of high-profile work that wins international attention – and is ready to handle commissions of worldwide significance.

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Cooper Hewitt Selects Dorothy Cosonas/Knoll Textiles for Permanent Collection

3.4.12 | Some companies have a tradition that tends to perpetuate itself, a sort of Newtonian law of momentum. In the contract furnishings area, Knoll is one of them. So, when Suzanne Tick stepped down as creative director for Knoll Textiles, we were not surprised that her successor, Dorothy Cosonas, would pick up that baton and take this enterprise to its next achievements. Just last year, her work was featured in an exhibition on KnollTextiles at the Bard Graduate Center in New York. Now, seven new Knoll Textile offerings have been select for the permanent collection of Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt, National Design Museum.

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Research Design Connections: The Clothed World

3.4.12 | It seems clear that the clothes we wear have some influence on how we think, but this topic has not been thoroughly researched. A new study indicates that clothes influence us in the same sorts of ways as other elements of our physical environments – both their physical and symbolic parameters have an important influence on our thought processes.

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