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One’s beliefs are not, and need not be, true for everyone.Alexander Nehamas (explaining Friedrich Nietzsche’s perspectivism)

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Charlie Bell Teams With Teknion

4.8.12 | Charlie Bell was president of HBF when it was purchased by HNI. Recently, Kevin Stark was named President of HBF Brand, so, we wondered “What happened to Mr. Bell?” Apparently he is doing well. He will now lead a new Teknion venture, Teknion Studio Group, LLC, which will develop and manufacture collaborative furniture products. That sounds like a sweet spot, for sure, and Mr. Bell has proven himself both in company leadership and sales and marketing at HBF.

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OHNY Open Studios: Hudson Square

4.8.12 | Currently celebrating its tenth anniversary, OHNY (openhousenewyork) has spent most of that time inspiring and educating the public about New York City's architecture and design heritage, while enabling special access to wonders of design throughout the city. To celebrate the past decade of programs, OHNY is organizing a series of events that cover New York City’s special places, design personalities, and buildings throughout this year. “Our first openstudios took place last month in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn,” said Renee Schacht, Executive Director of OHNY.

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Salvage: Gensler’s Suzanne Tick Exhibition

4.8.12 | From her role as creative director for Knoll Textiles or design director of Tandus Flooring to her transparent designs for Skyline Glass, Suzanne Tick’s professional work is emblematic of the contemporary look of surfacing for commercial interiors: cool, sophisticated, and typically very flat. But, her personal weaving artwork, on display at the New York office of Gensler until the end of May, is a departure from the familiar designs that everyone knows.

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Dauphin’s Dynamic Spaces

4.8.12 | Two years ago Dauphin North America launched something new under its Valo brand: Konstrux, an “adaptive furniture solution that enables people to thrive and connect in today’s interactive environments.” What is more interesting is that Dauphin has taken this to a further place, conceptualizing the nature of these new environments, which it refers to as Dynamic Spaces. To us, Dynamic Spaces is a breakthrough point of view since it encourages everyone to develop a new perspective of what a workplace should be like and look like. 

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NELSON's Long March

4.1.12 | Architecture and design have changed substantially and some have found professional management helpful. It should not be surprising that the shift to professional management, that is, to people who are formally trained in and are primarily interested in the business aspects of the design professions, would be second generation of family founders. One such person and firm is John “Ozzie” Nelson, Jr., son of founder John Nelson, Sr. of NELSON, one that the fastest growing firms during the past ten years.

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Carnegie Fabrics Introduces . . .

4.1.12 | Carnegie is introducing its Tribute Collection, inspired by founder Robert Goldman’s wool WWII Navy Officer’s overcoat. To this more traditional offering, the firm is introducing is startling, holographic Illusion series, which adds a dynamic, yet comfortable, fabric for indoors or outside. It also has some remarkable extensions to its Xorel line, Xorel Graphics, that combine Xorel’s durability and sustainability with the flexibility of digital printing.

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2012 Artexpo New York

4.1.12 | For many interior designers, selecting artwork takes place during the final stages of a project, usually after their fee is almost, if not completely, exhausted. This is also the stage where those critical finishing touches are usually the first thing that a client or visitor to the space would see; in the case of a newly-designed interior, the icing on the cake contributes to everyone’s first impression and, to a large extent, the overall success of each project. Artexpo New York offers many interesting options to cap any project.

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Preparing For the Future of Interior Design

3.25.12 | Jo Staffelbach Heinz, FIIDA, was the keynote speaker last week at the annual convention of the Interior Design Educators Council in Baltimore, celebrating the 50th anniversary of this important organization. Ms. Heinz is president and CEO of STAFFELBACH, Dallas, TX. Her keynote addressed the question of how interior design educators can help students prepare for an increasingly complex and changing world in which interior designers are playing an ever-expanding and important role in society, the economy and the general culture.

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Dead Cat Bounce Part 2: The Decline in the Demand for Office Space: Good News for Designers?

3.25.12 | The demand for office space is declining and the competition for tenants will intensify. This trend for less dedicated space per office worker and more shared and multifunction space increases the value of good interior design, as does the need for appropriate products. However, the risk of bad interior design increases geometrically. With higher space density, issues such as acoustics, speech privacy, visual privacy, lighting, temperature, and IAQ can kill productivity. This requires a greater attention to detail.

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Flos Soft Architecture Pop-Up Showroom, NYC

3.25.12 | Flos Lighting, with a consistent reputation for cutting edge current technology, has just opened the Flos Soft Architecture Pop-Up showroom introducing a series of products that may affect how designers use lighting. Flos’s creation is a series of products that integrates illumination with lightweight composite design details that are sturdy enough for contract use and also seamlessly integrate with the architecture of the space. In creating this collection, Flos is asking designers to consider certain lighting situations much earlier in a project’s design phase.

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A Random Walk: Re-assessing Interior Design Awards & Competitions

3.25.12 | Design competitions and awards are not only good, they are essential to the development of the interior design profession. The reason is quite simple. They are one of the few conduits through which the general public, and especially consumers, can access and begin to understand interior design. With this in mind, we must ask whether the present successful programs could be better adapted to achieve this greater purpose.

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Research Design Connections: Office Acoustics

3.25.12 | Distracting sound remains a serious issue in many workplaces and the GSA Public Buildings Service has written Sound Matters: How to Achieve Acoustic Comfort in the Contemporary Office to help rectify negative situations. Sound Matters combines an extensive review of the acoustic environments in contemporary offices with tools to alleviate negative conditions.

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