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OFS Takes The Field

5.27.12 | OFS Brands – OFS, First Office, Loewenstein, Carolina Healthcare – is into its sixth generation of family ownership, with 75 years of forest stewardship under its belt and considerable resources at its disposal. After six generations, things add up, with approximately 1,700 employees and 1,500,000 sq.ft. of manufacturing space. The emerging picture is that OFS Brands is not only a company to be reckoned with, but one that is on the move and very interested in enhancing its relations with the A&D community.

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WallGoldfinger: A New Beginning

5.27.12 | Situated in the middle of the environmentally-positive and culturally aware social dynamic of Vermont, WallGoldfinger, the high-end custom furniture manufacturer that, in many ways, embodies the collective ethos and the trials and tribulations of the state of Vermont itself. “We build communication systems for the world’s decision makers,” said founder and CEO John Wall, and he wasn’t going to let the intrusion of 2011’s Hurricane Irene change that.

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Swedes on a Mission

5.27.12 | Any tool that promotes communication, understanding, consistency, error reduction, and efficient effective response between designers and contract furniture manufacturers and dealerships will immeasurably ease their workload and related time pressures. Configura’s CET Designer is one such tool and, as with any tool, its true impact will be measured by how it ultimately changes us and the way we work, including how it affects our work relationships.

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IFI Initiates the Global Launch of World Interiors Day

5.27.12 | International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) and Mission Design celebrated the global launch of World Interiors Day in Montreal at the SIDIM, the Montreal International Design Show. This year’s theme, said Shashi Caan, president, is “Finding the New in the Old, reflecting on the historical journey of design and its intrinsic nature to find learning and inspiration in the past while embracing the new developments for an ever better future.”

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Research Design Connection: Hearing What We Need

5.27.12 | Two researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, Edward Chang and Nima Mesgarani, have studied the cocktail party effect, “the remarkable human ability to focus on a single speaker in virtually any environment . . . even if that person’s voice is seemingly drowned out by a jabbering crowd.”

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Davis at NeoCon 2012

5.21.12 | Like several companies in the contract furniture industry, Davis is a multi-generation, family-owned business presently led by Danny Davis, a gentleman whose eye for fine and distinctive design and whose ability to juggle the several demands of a complete manufacturing company are propelling its brand and products into the center of a new sweet spot for contract furniture manufacturers: sophisticated design for the workplace and beyond.

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JetBlue Lands at New HQ in Long Island City

5.21.12 | HLW International incorporated elements of JetBlue's award-winning Terminal 5 and the historic Saarinen Terminal at JFK into the new space through the use of expressive curves that suggest flight, bright communal spaces, large scale branded walls, and bold pops of color. JetBlue's office design highlights the airline's focus on egalitarianism with one type of open-style workspace for all crew members through the manager level.

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Roman Art & Architecture with Edward Smith

5.21.12 | Embracing a seemingly divergent array of talents and disciplines, the professional development group for architects and designers LMNOP recently joined forces with the Resource Directors Association to present a special lecture by Edward Smith of Caesar Ceramic Tile entitled Made in Italy: How Ancient Rome Shaped Today’s World. The invite-only event took place in the office of M Moser Associates in New York.

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Project Focus | BASF Designed by Gensler

5.21.12 | Gensler worked with developer, The Rockefeller Group, and base building architect, KPF, to bring BASF’s sustainable vision to life for its new 325,000 sq.-ft., state of the art North American Regional Headquarters in Florham Park, NJ. With BASF’s dual LEED targets – LEED Platinum for the building design and the interiors the headquarters is expected to be one of the greenest buildings in New Jersey.

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Here’s The DIRTT

5.14.12 | In nature, chaos has two elements, randomness and order. In human endeavors, chaos is what provides the freedom, even the need, to explore and innovate. Without order, however, this freedom lacks traction, a direction, a purpose. At DIRTT, we find Mogens Smed, always interjecting a flood of ideas. Then come his two complementary chiefs, Geoff Gosling and Barry Loberg, entrenched in the rigors of industrial design and software engineering, respectively.

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KI Introduces Lightline Walls

5.13.12 | KI is launching what it considers to be a major advance: Lightline, a pre-engineered, unified, pre-fabricated, modular glass wall solution. Basically, the company has achieved the desired aesthetic features found in a stick-built, butt glazed, storefront, but with a unit that can be fully assembled in the factory, then shipped for a tilt-up installation.

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Herman Miller Explosion in NYC - Part 2

5.14.12 | Last week, officeinsight featured a short piece on Herman Miller activities in New York City. This is not so much a follow up as an emendation and extension. We omitted to mention Tobron as the third pre-existing Herman Miller dealership in NYC. Subsequent to last week’s publication, we visited the Pop Up Shop launching the Herman Miller Collection. What a delight. If you can, visit it. We present some images.

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Steelcase’s Jeannie Bochette Retires

5.13.12 | The great Jeannie Bochette retired last week and there was quite a humbling turnout at the retirement party for this Queen of Steelcase Good Will, who spread her magical “I’ll get it done” fairy dust for many in this industry and outside of it during her 38 years of service.

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Research Design Connection: Social Jetlag and Daylight

Till Roenneberg and his colleagues tie discrepancies between circadian rhythms and daily responsibilities to obesity, and these circadian rhythm/daily responsibility disconnects (termed “social jetlag”) can arise through lack of exposure to natural light. As our professional responsibilities, for example, the need to be at work at a certain time, diverge more from our biological state, based on our circadian rhythms, we experience more social jetlag. As these researchers describe, “Social jetlag quantifies the discrepancy that often arises between circadian and social clocks, which results in chronic sleep loss . . .

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Can Kimball Office Xsite With Priority? (Hum.)

5.7.12 | Kimball Office established its big-league bona fides through the Hum! Minds At Work benching line – introduced in 2008-09. Now it has taken its 2 1/2 years of learning in benching concepts and concerns, as derived from its experience with Hum, and created benching options that would meet a greater range of price points and dovetail with its existing products, notably its Priority wood casegoods and its Xsite system.

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Herman Miller Explosion in NYC

5.7.12 | Herman Miller is making a couple of noteworthy moves in the premium New York City market, each with its own distinct flavor. First, Creative Office Pavilion, the largest Herman Miller dealer in North America is opening an office in NYC. Second, Herman Miller is launching its new and expanded Herman Miller Collection through a Pop Up Shop in the City.

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dTank Interactive Free iPad App

5.7.12 | To create further access to the dTank vision – and to kick-start the creative design process – dTank recently launched a free interactive iPad app. This app goes well beyond images of dTank products and projects, and, in the words of the company, constitutes “a virtual Idea Lab” with full-color photos, 3D renderings, image capture capabilities, and in-app doodling tools enable designers to create and share their own custom furniture solutions.

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NYSID and MCNY: Interior Design on the Cutting Edge

5.7.12 | The New York School of Interior Design (NYSID) with the Museum of the City of New York (MCNY) hosted a panel of new interior designers and teams at the newly redesigned South Street Seaport Museum. The day-long event was meant to highlight the work of young, up-and-coming designers working in New York and transforming our spaces with new technologies, tried-and-true handcrafting, and a rejuvenated aesthetic.

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