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There are many men of principle in both parties in America, 
but there is no party of principle.Alexis de Tocqueville

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This Time, an American Wins a Top Design Prize

7.28.14 | Officeinsight contributor John Morris Dixon recounts the career of architect Steven Holl, of New York, who has been chosen to receive the Praemium Imperiale, widely considered the second most prestigious international honor for design. Sponsored by the Japan Art Association, this prize is second in prestige only to the U.S.-based Pritzker Prize. There is no easily recognized formula for Holl's architecture. His "brand" is diversity.

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Re-Sited: Brad Powell takes a Sabbatical

7.28.14 | As a first step toward a well-earned retirement – an “indefinite Sabbatical”, officeinsight co-founder Bradford J. Powell, after nearly 20 years of writing and editing officeinsight every week, will from now on contribute only those articles that have somehow caught his attention or piqued his interest. His fascination with the complex psychological and physical interactions among workers and their places of work, including their furniture and furnishings has guided his choice of subjects to explore and his positioning of officeinsight as “giving voice to those who create workplace design and furnishings.”

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Looking First in NYC

7.28.14 | In its 10th anniversary year, First Look has become an institution in the swirl of A&D events on many New Yorker’s calendar. And while the prevalence of Gatsby-esque parties has gained traction again since the Great Recession, First Look continues to give A&D community members and end users an event with some serious meat on its bones. It is work hard, play hard at its finest.

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Concurrents - Environmental Psychology: : Hierarchies Not Going Away

7.28.14 | Knowing where we rank in “the pecking order” and who’s above and below us helps us all feel more in control of our lives. Hierarchies are particularly appealing when people don’t feel in control of their lives, so workplace designs that provide everyone with the same workspace are particularly likely to be unsuccessful. Physically illustrating the existing hierarchies through workplace design helps everyone be certain of who ranks where.

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Herman Miller To Acquire Design Within Reach

7.21.14 | Herman Miller’s just-announced agreement to acquire retailer Design Within Reach awaits further developments and explanations, some of which will come on July 31st when Herman Miller will hold a conference call with financial analysts regarding the acquisition. At that time, the company will “share more of the strategic context for this announcement and Herman Miller’s overarching strategy and goals for the coming three years”…but we’d rather speculate than wait.

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The ‘Goes Not Matches’ Collection: a true collaboration

7.21.14 | Collaboration is a fine concept, but it can be messy at times, too, often taking exceptional effort, patience and understanding among collaborators to achieve a great result. The latest debut of additions to the Goes Not Matches collection, designed by HOK Product Design as a collection of finishes that “go but do not match” for the healthcare market, is perhaps the purest example of successful collaboration the industry could hope for in product design and development.

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NeoCon 2014: Selected Works – Part 3

7.21.14 | In the third installment of a three-part series, Robert Allen, architect, interior design professor and furniture designer, reviews four final products that debuted at NeoCon 2014 which he considers superior: Freedman Chair by Simon Freedman, Nessel by Geiger, Mitt by Bernhardt Design, and CP 1 and CP 2 Bench and Ottoman Collection by Bernhardt Design. Mr. Allen often reviews products that fall outside the larger, well-publicized product launches and we think his observations expand our understanding of both the products he reviews and of the processes and considerations of product design in general.

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