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Happiness by Design: A Capital Idea

11.17.14 | Why are companies investing in ways to measure how happy employees are – and how to make them happier? How do work environments contribute to attracting, cultivating and keeping employees happy? The relationship between happiness and workplace design is a slippery, but critical task that the workplace interiors industry must embrace. Gensler duo Sven Govaars and Dean Strombom took on the challenge, presenting their “Happiness by Design” research this year at NeoCon and NeoCon East.

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Transwall is On the Move!

11.17.14 | Architectural Products, as moveable walls are now known, is one of the product categories to benefit most from recent trends in workplace design. Transwall Office Systems, with a 30-year track record in the “wall business” has responded to the changing demands with both a respect for the past and fresh ideas and plans for where the category is headed.

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Project Focus | Plante Moran: SmithGroupJJR

11.10.14 | The organizational challenges a merger presents to two companies trying to become – management styles, hierarchical shifting, software streamlining, developing the new company identity, focus and future – are unnerving to everyone from the biggest fish in the pond to the most recent hire. SmithGroupJJR’s recent redesign of the Chicago offices of the recently merged accounting and tax consulting firm Plante Moran shows the impact interior design can have on the success of a merger. The design conceived a new environment that eased the transition for employees and provided a path to the future of the newly unified Plante Moran team.

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A Random Walk: Energy for the Future’s Sake

11.10.14 | A recent trip to solar panel-clad Europe and the news of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)’s Fifth Assessment Report had officeinsight Publisher Bob Beck wondering what we are and should be doing in the United States to adapt to and mitigate current and future climate change problems. Interior designers, architects, manufacturers, dealers and independent reps have opportunities, in varying degrees, to help make an impact.

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O+A’s Paradigm Shift

11.10.14 | In late October, Studio O+A Co-founder and Principal Primo Orpilla served as keynote speaker at Configura’s CET Designer User Conference. His discussion, “The Paradigm Shift”, centered on Studio O+A’s 10 typologies, which his firm uses to help clients understand the method to their madness. But a more design-savvy clientele and changes in employee expectations in the workplace are propelling Studio O+A into a future of highly curated, customized work environments.

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