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Clerkenwell Design Week, London 2015: A Review

5.24.15 | Clerkenwell Design Week is unlike any other office interior related show, hosted in the colourful, mixed-use district of Clerkenwell, just to the north of the very centre of London. This year’s design week was accompanied by the knowledge that the UK economy has seen relatively good growth rates over the past few years, and that the office furniture market has been expanding steadily. John Sacks, an office furniture design, sales and marketing consultant based in London, reviews the show, including trend analysis, and company and product reviews.

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Design is a Choice…And Davis Has Made It!

5.24.15 | Several years ago, Davis Furniture Industries adopted the slogan “Design is a Choice.” The company has set a torrid pace of product launches over the last several years, with a remarkable number of Contract magazine’s Best of NeoCon Awards. In anticipation of NeoCon 2015, Officeinsight Publisher Bob Beck travels to High Point, NC, to get a preview of Davis’ new products for launch this year.

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Gensler-designed LPL Financial in San Diego Earns LEED Platinum

5.24.15 | LEED certified buildings are growing increasingly commonplace in our city grids, and so, standing out from the pack is also naturally becoming more challenging. LEED certified is no longer all it takes to capture hearts. If building sustainability stole the show the past decade, human-centered, wellbeing design is now taking center-stage. The Gensler-designed San Diego offices of independent financial services company LPL Financial recently earned LEED Platinum certification. The new space, believed to be the largest net-zero energy commercial office building in the country, embodies the balance between sustainability- and human-centered design.

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Concurrents - Environmental Psychology: 

5.24.15 | Researchers have learned that feeling awed does all sorts of good things for us psychologically. Our satisfaction with our lives gets a boost when we’re awed, which has positive ramifications for our wellbeing. A feeling of awe in workplaces is particularly desirable, because when we’re in this special state, our high-level cognitive processing power is enhanced. So, inspiring awe can be a good thing, but how can designers awe space users?

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Viewing Nature and Cooperation

5.24.15 | DeLoach, Carter and Braasch recently presented information at the annual meeting of the Acoustical Society of America confirming that hearing nature sounds while working supports human performance.

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2015 IIDA Leaders Breakfast in New York

5.18.15 | Each year, the IIDA Leaders Breakfast in New York delivers talks about bravely challenging the unknown and the countless forms it can take in the context of design. 2015 keynote speaker Paola Antonelli, senior curator of Architecture & Design as well as Director of Research & Development for MoMA, focused her talk on many new frontiers the discipline of design is examining. Her curatorial perspective on the ways design impacts the daily lives of all of us came across as equal parts analyst and humanist, thinking and feeling.

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Magnuson Group Carves a Niche Market in Sustainability

5.18.15 | As interior designers wade through the specification process for their projects, all areas of spec’ing are not created equal. Some furniture categories steal the show, and for a variety of reasons others are neglected. Ancillary furnishings and other support accessories often find themselves in the latter group, but designers also have the opportunity to more fully shape a space through these smaller details. Magnuson Group, a family owned and operated company headquartered in Woodridge, IL, is carving a nice niche for itself in what it calls “support furnishings” by giving designers choices in waste and recycling solutions.

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KI has Big Plans for NeoCon

5.18.15 | KI has a well-earned reputation in the industry as a bit of a maverick that enjoys the freedom that not being so easily categorized brings it. Officeinsight Publisher Bob Beck sits down with Shawn Green, vice president of Design and Product Marketing at KI, to discuss KI’s new products planned for launch at NeoCon 2015 and to get a glimpse the product development strategy of the company.

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