05 Aug 2015 Giving voice to those who create workplace design & furnishings
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Design is not making beauty; beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love.Louis Kahn

Brian Graham: A San Francisco Design Renaissance Man

8.3.15 | In his work, designer Brian Graham consistently pushes the boundaries of furniture and products that enhance our contemporary modern workplace. After beginning his career in interior design at Gensler, he made the seemingly uncommon – but historically natural – progression into product design. Officeinsight correspondent Julia Peppard sits down with Mr. Graham in in his San Francisco studio to discuss how the designer came to be who he is today, how he manages to design and consult on such a wide variety of projects, and what continues to inspire and drive him to create.

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HBF Textiles Brings Texture to Life

8.3.15 | In the textiles industry, companies build their brands around everything from color and pattern to weaving processes, materials, and special manufacturing techniques. At the helm of HBF Textiles for more than 25 years, Mary Jo Miller, VP of design and development, has guided the brand under the inspiration, “Bringing texture to life.” The past three years has seen HBF Textiles take a laser-sharp focus in solidifying its identity as an industry leader in high quality yarn textures. With guidance from New York-based boutique design consultancy firm 2x4, the textile company is now hitting its stride with a clear brand message of full yarns and depth of materials.

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Being Smart about Textiles – Part III

8.3.15 | In the conclusion to a three-part series, we present the final installment of our coverage of the NeoCon 2015 “Smart Textiles for Modern Environments.” Part I focused on the basics of fabric and fabric selection, while Part II provided a comprehensive guide to the newest cutting edge technologies being applied to create “smart” textiles, as well as examples of these new “smart” textiles. This week, we’ll address sustainability issues specific to the textiles industry, including the complexities of “green” language, greenwashing, upcycling, and how to spec green.

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The Brits are Coming (Back): UK Office Market on Track for Record Numbers

8.3.15 | There’s a new sense of confidence in the British office furniture industry. The dramatic aftereffects of the 2008 financial crisis when the market fell from $1.26bn in 2007 to $924m in 2011 seem like ancient history, as recent reports indicate that demand is right back on track and 2015 industry sales should reach $1.49bn. Officeinsight correspondent John Sacks provides an update on the good times ahead for the UK office furniture market, the reasons behind it, and how this optimism is expressing itself in new products.

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First Look 2015 at NYDC

7.27.15 | Many events that celebrate the design community, but one of our favorites simply embodies the design community in New York for one night. Occurring annually for 11 years now at the New York Design Center (NYDC) in Manhattan, First Look’s festive atmosphere and multitude of contract showrooms displaying new product inevitably draws comparisons to NeoCon, which takes place in Chicago a month earlier. While NeoCon is mostly democratic, where any manufacturer with enough gumption, a marketing budget and visions of success can participate, First Look is where the rubber meets the road. The largest concentration of design lifers in our industry come out to evaluate, discuss and scrutinize the latest product introductions.

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