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The Beauty of Starting in the Middle: Kraft Foods HDQ by Whitney Architects

9.1.14 | We often picture gleaming finished interiors as designs created from the ground up, but this simply is not the case for much of the work completed by interior designers. Rather than starting from scratch, designers must make sense of an existing space to figure how to untangle what’s already been created, making way for steps in a new direction. Whitney Architects’ problem-solving redesign of the Kraft Foods Group headquarters campus shows the high design possibilities achievable in renovation design.

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A Commitment to Healthier Building Design

9.1.14 | At this year’s Clinton Global Initiative America (CGI America) meeting, ASID, in partnership with 11 organizations well known to our industry, announced its new CGI commitment to developing “ASID Protocols for Health and Wellness in Design” that could improve the people’s well-being through better building design and construction. The initiative is a strong step forward in the effort to stimulate the scientific community to undertake the kinds of long range epidemiological studies required to prove the linkage.

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Concurrents – Environmental Psychology: Designing for Moods

9.1.14 | Design matters for all sorts of reasons, one of them being its influence over our mood. Generally, we’re interested in using design to get people into a good mood, largely because those upbeat moods have all sorts of desirable implications. There is also, however, a time and a place for being in a bad mood.

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The ASID 2014 State of the Industry Presentation at MetroCon14

8.25.14 | Although it was not billed as the “Keynote” address of Metrocon14 in Dallas, the “Outlook and State of the Industry” presentation by ASID President & CEO Randy Fiser was an excellent high-level overview of the state of the industry in the context of the current economic climate. Officeinsight Editor-in-Chief Bob Beck shares the most significant information from the address.

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Innovant: Evolution Via Innovation

8.25.14 | The ability to successfully transition into a new market in order to grow is perhaps the defining measure between maintaining a business and skyrocketing into a sphere of innovation inhabited only by the top talent. Innovant is taking smart, conscientious stops to evolve itself from an expert in one area, in this case the trading desks of the 1990s, to a viable competitor in the broader furniture manufacturing market. Now, in its 25th anniversary year, we see an impressive lineup of high-design benching, conferencing and private office solutions.

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Spotlight: The Interworkings of Bluescape’s MultiTouch Display Technology

8.25.14 | Cloud-based digital collaboration workspaces are “clouding” the market as of recent, and it can be difficult to decipher what’s what and which ones are over-the-top exceptional in this continuously improving segment. A zero-in effort on the Bluescape cloud-based visual collaboration workspace service, and its partnership with interactive display company MultiTouch might shed some light on what makes products like this tick, and how they can differentiate themselves from competition.

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