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Deloitte’s New Quebec Digs by Arney Fender Katsalidis

9.28.15 | London-based architecture and interiors practice Arney Fender Katsalidis recently completed a 160,000 square foot regional headquarters space in Montreal, QC, for internationally renowned professional services firm Deloitte. Aside from gorgeously provocative aesthetics and a seemingly endless number of workspaces to choose from, the design provides Deloitte employees and clients alike with a space that provokes them to take part in a progressive workplace strategy with ambitious goals.

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A Random Walk: Design Thinking and The Disruptive Workplace

9.28.15 | For the past several years, Dean Strombom and Sven Govaars of Gensler’s Houston office have been exploring and exploiting the patterns of behavior derived from the multi-year, multi-client, multi-jurisdiction Gensler Workplace Survey. Their work consolidates some of the progress made in this area and broadcasts its findings and ideas to a wider audience. Perhaps most importantly, it stamps upon this approach the imprimatur of the world’s largest A&D firm. The effect of this, we hope, will be to accelerate progress and to help develop new norms for a data-based foundation for workplace design. Officeinsight Founder Bradford J. Powell, Hon.FASID, offers commentary on Mssrs. Strombom and Govaars’ latest presentation, and the workplace design professions’ need for paradigm shifts as an integral part of design thinking.

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Concurrents - Environmental Psychology: 

9.28.15 | Where corporate offices are located matters a lot. Businesses need to live in the right neighborhoods for them, just like people do. The area that a business chooses for its home sends a silent message. The location where companies decide to locate also determines, to a great extent, how their employees get to their desks every day.

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National Office Furniture Unveils New Headquarters

9.21.15 | Contract furniture manufacturers do an excellent job of researching and assessing client needs in order to provide the best solutions. But, going through the process of renovating or designing a new office is an experience that is difficult to capture in totality without having firsthand knowledge. National Office Furniture, a unit of Kimball International, Inc., recently announced its new corporate headquarters location. The 50,000 square foot facility, located on the Kimball International campus in Jasper, IN, was designed, renovated and outfitted by Gensler and National’s internal design team. We met recently with the team at National to get a behind-the-scenes view of a furniture manufacturer’s own office renovation.

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Perkins+Will Focuses on Best Practices for Law Enforcement Facilities

9.21.15 | Police training methods are consistently making headlines nationally, and law enforcement methods across the country are being carefully scrutinized. Alongside these enforcement method critiques is an opportunity for architects and interior designers to think about how police academies can be reshaped to better serve their users. Global architecture and design firm Perkins+Will, behind such projects as the New York Police Academy, the Toronto Police Service Training Facility and the Los Angeles Rampart Station, is busy positioning itself as a global authority on the underlying issues within law enforcement facilities, as well as best practices for these spaces.

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CIFF Office 2015 – Shanghai

9.21.15 | So much of China is on an enormous scale, including of course the exhibition centres. CIFF – the China International Furniture Fair – is a show held in two parts. At the end of March in Guangzhou and this September, for the first time, in Shanghai at the new, vast, Foster designed National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) which at 1.47 sq. m., is claimed to be the largest single block building and exhibition complex in the world. Officeinsight contributor John Sacks provides a review of the exhibition, major exhibitors attending, and trends at the show.

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