27 Jan 2015 Giving voice to those who create workplace design & furnishings
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AIA 2015 Honor Awards for Architecture and Design: Who Wins for What?

1.26.15 | Last fall, Chinese president Xi Jin ping called for an end to "weird architecture" in his nation. Reflecting this view is the strong strain of sobriety in the projects selected for the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Honor Awards this year, consistent with the honorees of 2014. No stunning swoops or dazzling geometries for whole buildings, though there are a few complex curves among the interiors, where they're not quite so costly. All of the recent juries have shared the same apparent concerns for environmental responsibility, conservation of resources, social contribution and response to context.

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Moments of Humanity: Gesture Chair by Steelcase

1.26.15 | The Gesture Chair by Steelcase debuted in 2013 as “the first chair designed to support our interactions with today’s technologies.” Admittedly, this is not the reason officeinsight Editor Mallory Jindra wanted to review Gesture. Instead, she wanted to know how it might potentially be the perfect fit for women. Steelcase experts weigh in on Gesture, the impacts of technology, and the future focus of Steelcase research.

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A Challenge for Our Cities

1.26.15 | Understandably, people looking to volunteer in their communities often choose to be a part of something that tugs at their personal heartstrings or has a connection with their career, simply because it’s easier to do something you care about. So what might an A&D professional devote his or her time to? The Knight Foundation’s Knight Cities Challenge asks people, “What’s your best idea to make cities more successful?”

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Lynn Utter Resigns as President of Knoll Office

1.19.15 | On January 12th Lynn M. Utter, President and Chief Operating Officer, Knoll Office, resigned from her position at Knoll, Inc., effective April 10, 2015. Ms. Utter led the Knoll Office division through an extraordinarily difficult period for the company, the industry, and in fact the whole country. While 2008 was a banner year for Knoll, 2009 saw the company lose 30% on the top line, as its government sales fell through the floor and the impacts of the Great Recession brought our entire industry to similar levels of decline.

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