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Configura CET Designer User Conference: A Work Conference The Swedish Way

10.27.14 | Design software company Configura held its 7th annual CET Designer User Conference on October 21-23 in Grand Rapids, MI. Configura’s tightknit community of users and support members exchanged tips and tricks, received the latest information on software updates, and, as we expected from this bright, quirky Swedish company, celebrated users, and their projects. At this year’s conference, a surprising and inspiring dialogue developed around the redefining the central roles of interior designers in relation to their sales and customer service counterparts.

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IIDEXCanada Preview

10.27.14 | It’s commonplace for IIDEX’s organizers to say that the next installment will be bigger and better. But this time, it’s really true. IIDEXCanada will co-locate this year on December 3-5 with Construct Canada and seven related events – PM Expo, DesignTrends, HomeBuilder & Renovator Expo, Concrete Canada, The Toronto Real Estate Forum, Construct International, and National GreenBuilding Conference – to create the Buildings Show. The new umbrella brand is billed as North America’s largest annual exposition, networking and educational event focusing on the design, construction and management of real estate.

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How Four Leading Architects Are Winning Everyday with Performance-Based Design: A Webinar by Architectural Record & Sefaira

10.27.14 | While embracing performance-based design is becoming an easy decision, the concepts behind it require practical knowledge and skills that every designer isn’t equipped with. We recently tuned into a webinar by Architectural Record magazine and high-performance building design software company Sefaira. The four architects provided audience members with the basic concepts behind the practice and how to jump-start performance-based design at their firms.

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Manufacturing Contract Furniture in Oxnard

10.20.14 | Officeinsight travels to Oxnard, California, ripe with strawberry fields and home to ERG International, to learn about the rich history of the contract furniture manufacturer. In the 33 years since he founded ERG, George Zaki has achieved an enviable degree of success, and for the last 20 of those years he has had the pleasure of working with his son Roy Zaki at his side, which just may be the greatest measure of that success.

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Down the Rabbit Hole: IIDA NY Color Invasion 2014

10.20.14 | Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, the dreams of boys and girls working in the interior design profession culminated in the biggest celebration of creativity and imagination we have seen to date. This celebration, put on annually by the New York Chapter of the IIDA, is called the Color Invasion. This year’s event, held at the storied previous nightclub The Tunnel and featuring an Alice in Wonderland theme, was a benefit for The Pajama Program, an organization that has provided more than 2 million pairs of new pajamas and books to orphaned, neglected and underserved children throughout the country. The costumes, treats, performers and part favors did not disappoint!

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Concurrents - Environmental Psychology: Sound!

10.20.14 | Our ears are always working. So, what should we be hearing? Workplace designers and managers soundscape the experiences of office workers. Their sound-related decisions are important because noise, or unwanted sound, creates stress, and stress is a mood-buster. People are more likely to do the sort of work their employers value when they’re in a positive mood, and that means tension is a no-no. Designers and managers need to consider the acoustic ramifications of each design decision they make because office employees are always listening, even if they don’t realize it.

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