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HNI: The Great Reshuffle

4.21.14 | While workplace design, through providing a range of choices and opportunities for employee control, can support the creation of an engaged workforce, the organization’s culture is an essential element. HNI Corporation and its subsidiaries foster engagement in many ways. One of these is the practice of giving its leaders a variety of experiences within the organization. An excellent example of this was embodied in the recent HNI announcement that Jeff Lorenger was appointed president of the newly created HNI Contract Furniture Division.

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NeoCon 2014: Planning for an Improved Experience

4.21.14 | After the BIFMA Outreach Committee gave MMPI a vote of confidence, Byron Morton , MMPI VP in charge of NeoCon, announced the formation of a NeoCon Advisory Council to work with his team to find ways to improve upon NeoCon as we’ve known it. As preparations for this year’s NeoCon hit fever pitch, we asked Mr. Morton how the idea of an Advisory Council worked out.

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Pratt Career Night 2014

4.21.14 | 3form now hosts the annual Pratt Career Night in Manhattan. This year 50 Pratt students met with This year’s participating firms were Gensler, Mancini-Duffy, Perkins & Will, Ralph Appelbaum Associates, Rockwell Group, Ted Moudis Associates, TPG and Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP. In much the way speed dating events are conducted, each of the students was given roughly five minutes to introduce themselves and present their work.

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Project Focus | DIRTT At Medical School | Advanced Office Environments

4.21.14 | For workplace designers, the questions about technology involve more than availability. These professionals must now design in four dimensions, or space-time, as it is has been know for the past 100 years. Technology and electricity that seamlessly move beneath floors and behind the walls of a space are integral parts of good design. Yes, it’s a question of what the end result looks like, but just important are a number of not-so-visual questions.

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Research by Listening: Smith System

4.14.14 | Whether adapting its book shelving system to “media storage” in the 1970’s or introducing computer desks ahead of the curve, the family-owned Smith System has always been a place schools could look to for innovation in design. The company continues its leadership in the field by tackling the most recent trends in the K-12 education market – 21st Century Learning, engaging students through the 4Cs and flipped classrooms, to name a few – with an attitude that embraces new thinking and new technologies.

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NeoCon 2014 On The Horizon: June 9-11

4.14.14 | We approach NeoCon with great anticipation, appreciation and a little trepidation. A preview of NeoCon 2014 shows that the product introductions – always a delight – are only the largest ornaments on a much more varied, colorful and edifying tapestry comprising the latest in product ideas and commercial design trends. The increasingly better and more appropriate Keynotes, excellent educational offerings, and some cheerful and lighthearted social, networking and competition events, as well as some worthy professional association offerings are giving us something to look forward to this year.

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CIFF Office Guangzhou-2014

4.14.14 | The 2014 annual China International Furniture Fair (CIFF) Office show, held at the Guangzhou Fair Complex in Guangzhou, was extended from four days to five in March and April, and still, attendance was overwhelming. This year’s show hinted at an important evolution in the design, innovation and originality of Asian manufacturers.

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Concurrents: Environmental Psychology – Designers Are Different From Users

4.14.14 | Studies show that, probably due to their design training and attention to design matters, designers have different design-related preferences than everyone else. While designers are designing, most people hanging out in offices are busy creating their company’s next big marketing campaign, becoming familiar with new tax laws, or what have you. These end user opinions can be a valuable factor in your research for any project.

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