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Andreu World: Filling Gaps with the Spirit of a Brand

8.31.15 | As residential trends continue to move into the workspace, high design furnishings will become increasingly popular in commercial environments. But the contract furniture market is also flush with heavy research and is increasingly focused on products informed by big data. In this climate, high design minded and small-scale companies without a research budget must find gaps in product lines that even research has perhaps overlooked. Spanish furniture manufacturer Andreu World is doing just that, with phenomenal success. Its 2015 collections received four Best of NeoCon 2015 awards in the Conference Seating, Sofas & Lounges, Barstools and Occasional Tables categories.

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A Designer’s Voice in San Fran: IIDA Distinguished Achievement Honoree Tom DiRenzo

8.31.15 | Each year in northern California, IIDA bestows a Distinguished Achievement Award to an outstanding service provider. This year’s honoree is Tom DiRenzo, A&D director at San Francisco Herman Miller dealer CRI. Mr. DiRenzo has been active in IIDA for more than 11 years. He’s known for his wicked sense of humor – always appreciated by audiences at IIDA’s Honor Awards, which he co-hosts every year – and for his willingness to support, mentor and speak up for all aspects of design unstintingly. Officeinsight met with Mr. DiRenzo to glean some ideas and tips for all of us who work to support those in the design community.

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Concurrents - Environmental Psychology: 
Designing for Monitoring

8.31.15 | Recently, several articles in the New York Times have indicated that the pressure under which professional employees are working is growing, dramatically. Although these new monitors are promoted as ways to enhance performance and build engagement, it seems unlikely that they’ll produce these effects. This push for monitoring and assessment has repercussions for workplace design. It is imperative now, even more than before, that designers learn about the work that professional employees are doing and create spaces that support that work, whatever it is.

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Steelcase’s Jim Keane Talks C-Suite and Employee Engagement

8.23.15 | Making the case that the design of the workplace impacts the bottom line of a company is by its nature both intuitively obvious and difficult to prove. Is the premise that office design can be a significant factor in employee engagement compelling to decision makers in corporate America who are hiring architects and interior designers and buying furniture and furnishings? Steelcase has long been a leader in gathering the evidence that, as they say, Space Matters. Officeinsight Publisher Bob Beck talks to Steelcase CEO Jim Keane about his perspectives on the war for talent, employee engagement, and what’s on the top of C-suite minds.

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JDJ Architects Does Natural Contemporary at an Irish Dairy Cooperative

8.23.15 | As most interiors professionals know, a client seeking a new collaborative work environment can lead a design team in many directions, and delivering just the right amount of everything is quite the balancing act. Chicago-based JDJ Architects designed the new 8,000 square foot Ornua Foods North America, Inc., a cooperative which represents about 13,000 dairy farmers and processors in Ireland. The JDJ design team used meticulous planning to create a clean, contemporary environment that reflects the wholesome organization’s mission and culture, and to accommodate collaboration and meetings with regional sales teams. 

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Concurrents - Environmental Psychology: 
Standing Sight Lines

8.23.15 | Study after recent study has shown that people toiling away in offices sit too much and that standing up for a while from time to time while working can be good for our mental and physical wellbeing. If some people in a space are standing while working and others are sitting, interesting and undesirable psychological effects can, however, ensue. Officeinsight columnist Sally Augustin explores best practices like proper visual screening to enhance the positive repercussions of working while standing.

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